Concert „Pure Chocolate“
Pure Chocolate: A tasteful composition of music, light and chocolate

In search of the perfect “Gesamtkunstwerk”, we, the Kvarner and Purpur Festival, created ten years ago the exciting format Pure Chocolate. We followed historical models, relying on the combination of different sensations, listening to wonderful music, seeing impressive play of colors and tasting intensive nuances of taste. In the latter, we encountered the advantages of chocolate, in all its forms and flavors. And what could be more obvious than involving one of the most innovative chocolatiers of all in the creation of this “Gesamtkunstwerk”, the chocolate manufacturer Zotter? The musical experience is intensified in a unique way by enjoying the most diverse types of chocolate, thereby reaching a higher level in the perception of music. During the concert, the visitor is encouraged, with gentle guidance, to taste certain types of chocolate in coordination with the musical program in order to let the sensations of hearing and tasting merge in the truest sense of the word. This merging is accompanied by a play of colors that follows the respective character of the music being played.